Macron was an economy minister and worked as an investment banker. He has never held an elected office and his campaign is characterized by cocktail ideas. He stands for a boarder-less society which will ensure the prosperity of French people. Macron has been able to win hearts of many French people through failures and unpopularity of his opponents. Some of them had corruption scandals while others were unpopular. His political agenda focuses on hope ans inclusiveness.

Chances of Le Pen

Disillusioned liberal voters are her path to victory. Masses are more likely to be swayed to top up her figure up to 50 percent. Nearly a half of French citizens are against anti-extablishment candidates. There is a chance that she will emerge victorious. This will resemble Trump’ s victory. Left wing candidate, Melanchon who is a discount¬†anti-globalization has similar ideologies like Senetor Snaders. He had not yet endorsed Macron which is a plot to deny the right win a victory. He is more likely to endorse Le Pen which will be a massive boost for her.


It seems Le Pen has seized Melenchon’s wavering. The duo have similar campaign positions including skepticism on globalization and macro businesses. Many of Melenchon’s supporters are being pressured to vote for Le Pen. They admire her attitude towards the foreign agenda. They resent Macron ideas of globalization and pro-business. Le Pen told the nation that Macron has no plans for protecting them against Islamist terrorism. Le Pen’s idea of anti-globalization regarding E.U and NATO membership have gained her popularity among the economic minded masses. She has also called for deportation of foreign Islamists. As a result, people have started feeling hopeful of security through La Pen.